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...designing, developing and manufacturing innovative platelet technologies that have revolutionized Platelet Function testing in Clinical and Research Laboratories. Providing the most comprehensive platelet tests available from any one company, CHRONO-LOG® Platelet Aggregation and Secretion methodologies have been reliable tools in the diagnosis of platelet function defects, monitoring of anti-platelet drugs and assisting researchers in developing novel therapies.

Comprehensive Platelet Testing Methodologies

Whole Blood / Impedance Aggregation

  • Quickly screen platelet function in the more physiologic Whole Blood environment
  • Eliminate need for excessive blood draw and save time on sample preparation
  • Detect Hyper-aggregability [thrombotic risk]
  • Improve detection of drugs, food items and herbs providing anti-platelet properties

Optical/LTA Aggregation

  • Improved sensitivity with the twin-well, dual beam detection system
  • Reduce down time with NO-Cost Optical Calibration performed by Lab Personnel
  • Test with PRP, Washed or Gel-filtered Platelets
  • Reduce blood draw by testing with 250uL micro-volume samples

Measuring ATP Release

  • Quantitative analysis of Dense Granule Release
  • Secretion Study and Aggregation performed simultaneously in same sample
  • Diagnose Storage Pool Disease and Secretion Defects
  • Fastest turn-around time and less labor-intensive compared to other methods

Ristocetin CoFactor Assay

  • One Stop Shopping: Optical Aggregometer, Control Software, CoFactor Kit and Controls
  • Create a Standard from three (3) to six (6) points
  • Calculations include: Coefficient of Determination, Slope and CoFactor Activity
  • CoFactor Activity calculated down to 3% [Type 3 Von Willebrand Disease]

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