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Welcome to Chrono-log Corporation

Celebrating 50 YEARS in the platelet testing field, Chrono-log was one of the first companies to manufacture the Platelet Aggregometer based on the Born method of measuring platelet aggregation in Platelet-Rich-Plasma [PRP] samples. Chrono-log has continued to specialize in Platelet Function Testing and was the first company to produce the Lumi-Aggregometer. Lumi-Aggregation, the measurement of ATP Release from the dense granules, provides the ability to perform a Secretion Study simultaneously with platelet aggregation in the same test sample.

Improvements in Platelet Function Testing continued with the development of the first Impedance Aggregometer, providing the ability to test platelet aggregation in a more physiologic Whole Blood testing environment. Testing in whole blood requires less sample, eliminates excessive sample manipulation and has been shown to be more sensitive to the effects of anti-platelet drugs such as Aspirin and Plavix. While improving turn-around time in the Laboratory, Impedance Aggregation has also become more user-friendly with the development of Disposable Impedance Electrodes.

Chrono-log innovation has revolutionized Platelet Function Testing in Clinical and Research Laboratories, providing the most comprehensive platelet tests available from any one company. CHRONO-LOG® Platelet Aggregation and Secretion methodologies have been reliable tools in the diagnosis of platelet function defects such as Von Willebrand Disease, Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia, Storage Pool Disease and Secretion Defects.

Today, CHRONO-LOG® Platelet Aggregometers and Lumi-Aggregometers are used world-wide in hospitals, medical centers, universities and pharmaceutical companies and we have formed a network of independent distributors on six (6) continents. For assistance with International sales, applications and technical support, please locate your Distributor shown under the Sales Offices tab or contact us directly.

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