CHRONO-LOG - Model 490 4+4 Aggregometer

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NEW Optical Aggregation and Ristocetin CoFactor Testing in EIGHT (8) Test Samples
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CHRONO-LOG® Model 490 4+4 Optical Aggregation Systems are NOW available in (4) or (8) channel Configurations, composed of one or two, 4-channel modules:

  • Model 490 4+ - can be purchased separately and includes Test Channels (1) thru (4), an internal AGGRO/LINK® computer interface with (2) software packages … AGGRO/LINK® Opti8 for performing Aggregation and vW CoFactor Opti8 for performing Ristocetin CoFactor testing plus a Starter Kit of Reagents and Supplies.
  • Model 490 +4 - expands the 4-channel module to (8) channels … Test Channels (5) thru (8) … requiring only a single interconnecting cable.
  • Model 490 4+4 – a complete 8-channel system [two, 4-channel modules]

Special Features include:

  • Sample Volumes - 250 µL [spacers not required] or 500 µL
  • Continuous Monitoring with Warning Messages for: Temperature, Stirring Speed and Over-range detection to prevent operation if baseline does not set.
  • LCD Display with Pushbutton Settings
  • Improved Calibration of Optical Circuits with NEW Calibration Kit
  • Customized/Selectable Tracing Colors

Aggregation with AGGRO/LINK® Opti8

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Ristocetin CoFactor Assay with vW CoFactor Opti8

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Please call 1-800-247-6665 or us, to obtain information on the NEW CHRONO-LOG® Model 490 4+4, 8-channel Optical Aggregation System or for ordering assistance.

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